1. Compliance with Laws and Internal Regulations

We undertake to be aware of & comply with the laws, regulations and guidelines that are relevant for the exercise of our professional duties.

2. Business Integrity: No Tolerance of any Form of Corruption

We do not engage in any form of bribery (including facilitation payments), whether active or passive, direct or indirect. We do not offer or accept any inappropriate gifts or other advantages.

3. Fair Competition

We comply with the applicable competition laws. We deal fairly, honestly and in good faith with our customers, business partners, the public, our competitors, third party service providers and others.

4. Rights of Employees

We provide equal opportunities and an environment where we respect the rights of colleagues to work free from any form of discrimination or harassment.

5. Health, Safety and Environment

We comply with the spirit of health and safety laws as well as environmental regulations and respect and protect the environment wherever we work.

6. Conflicts of Interest

We conduct all business transactions with the best interests of our customers & business partners in mind and will not exploit any business opportunity that conflicts with their interests.

7. Use and Protection of Assets and Information

We protect all the assets, rights & information provided to us by our clients. Personal data/information shall be processed ensuring the complete privacy of our customer.

8. Records and Accounting

We properly record all business transactions in our books.

9. Regulations regarding sensitive Information/Securities.

We undertake not to disclose any price-sensitive information regarding any business dealing with any of our customers or business partners to the public and not to use material non-public information for personal gain or for the personal gain of anybody else.